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I sent Sudhakar some questions from people trying the app (who shared their feedback with me). The questions and Sudhakar's responses are below.

Q: Can contacts be added in the app - e.g., by manual addition or having the app pull contacts from the smartphone contacts list?

Sudhakar: We are moving to a direct email send from your phone client (coming in April) which means that when you click on send, one of the options would be to send as [an] email from your client. This would help you pull up your contacts from your phone’s list.

Q: Can you create groups right in the app - so that if someone wanted to email the link to a group - rather than manually add multiple people individually to each message - that would make it easy?

Sudhakar: [When the capability is rolled out] the user can access their contacts from their client email to send out the GLTYR link. GLTYR does not create groups within.

Q: Can someone directly click a button in the app to share the message on Facebook/Twitter?

Sudhakar: Yes, [we] have incorporated this feature in the next release this week to the app store, and should be approved by Apple in about 2 weeks.

Q: Some people edit photos and videos before they get posted online. Will this tool enable any editing of photos/videos before posting?

Sudhakar: Not in Phase 1. We have photo editing in Phase 3 - [but] our product is for the masses and >80% of the [customer base would not be] edit[ing] photos on the fly using an app.

Q: Instead of a video, can someone just upload a photo and add audio? Example, people might take a picture on a trip and want to add some comments on it, rather than upload a video.

Sudhakar: Yes, any combination of Photo + audio + video + summary is possible.

Q: If someone wants to NOT share a message with person X (assume person X was wrongly sent a link to the message by someone else), what can be done? Can the link to the message be changed? If the link can’t be changed, can the video/content be moved to another message with a new link easily and the old link/message deleted?

Sudhakar: You control who you send it to.. it just works like an email. [On the second part of the question] the answer is “not” at this point. We try to keep it as simple as possible and allow the users to dictate what they really need and what’s nice to have. We don’t have anything at this time that would generate a new link without deleting the profile. We do not track who can view/login etc.

Q: Can the text part of the message include URLs (embedded or in text form)?

Sudhakar: Yes, coming in [the] April release

Q: Can you embed the content/video in a blog post (like you can with YouTube) or in an email (everything will show up in the body of the email like an html page with text/pictures/video today) - instead of having to send people a link to a separate URL for them to click?

Sudhakar: We did this once and our users did not like it… it’s because of rendering issues on different browsers and devices. We will address this again in summer.

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